Colouring and sketch.

Another post in English.

I'm going to try to write every day. I hope I'll do it.)) Doesn't matter what language. Just some thoughts.

Today was a better day than yesterday. I was calmer and happier. When I started knitting a scarf Sasha offered to go to a shop and buy some colourings. I do love it, colouring ! And now I have 2 relaxing ones and 2 sketch ones. I have never coloured sketch ones, but tomorrow, I hope I'll have power after going for a walk in the forest and I'll colour the sketch one i remember, when I was at school, sometimes we had a hometask to paint something. I asked my father to draw something and then I painted it. And get the perfect mark yea, it's not so honest, but I just hadn't enough time for drawing. Coz I went to the music school and there were 6 was impossible to do all in time.

So, I hope I go ahead doing this

And, anybody knows when MP will go right?

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Nobody knows)) and what about your drawings?

Wow! One person has written in English! Thank you

Well. Not bad)) I've started colouring by pencils the first picture it's a lynx 

You are welcome!)

It would be interesting to see it). I like lynxs. This is one from Munich:

And another one from Ekaterinburg — sleeping beauty))

So sweet 

Mine I'll show when it'll be ready)) 


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