New year's...


let me speak from my heart :D it's a quote now :D

But yeh, I just want to try my english writing skill. If anybody notices mistakes, please, tell me. I'm not perfect at English. (but I theach English Elementary and pre-elem students)

You know, this year was uuunexpectable. I've changed one dream to another, We've almost moved to the big city and I changed my mind… and now Im workin on this dream.

the next point — I started listening in English more, and it really works! I understand more and more… To improve my English knowledge I've cleaned my Instagramm followings and left only useful content, and it's almost about english, teaching english and its pronounciation, of course, english one.

My last application for phone was «hellotalk» (not ads, just my impression and experience). And it was really interesting first days. and I dont why, but I got anormous messages from Indians, Arabic guys… I don't mind any nationality… but I wanna improve british or american, not indian «inglich» there is special English in Indian :D well, I got couple messages from Albanian guy, and they were really inspirative to going on the chatting. And we chatted about harry potter, where Albania is and so, he wants the video call… and I dont know it is ok or not… I'm quite shy and nervous. but when I shy and nervous I start talking lots of wrong thing, and very fast))) So..yeh… I need more speaking practise, but it's a bit stupid for me talk to myselfand espesially I want to know my mistakes)) And, yea, I use so easy words. It's quite difficult for me use different. Coz I'm a lazy bitch:D to check them in the dictionary. Oh, yea, one more point, using english-english dictionary is reeeeally better than bilingual one, you start thinking what the word is, when you can use it, what meaning positive or negative it has… its definitly useful!

Well… One more important point I've started teaching English my husband. (this post not about the new year's resolitions, it's totally about English resolutions. sorry 

well, I suppose, it's enough. let's check how many mistakes there are and keep on watching Harry Potter. ( the Charmed Ive just finished today!) 

p.s. not so many, as I can see. 

Thanks Everybody who read it

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